Drugs Defined

The common definition of a drug is” a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.” This can be topically, systemically, via injection, tinctures, etc.

When we think of drugs seldom do we consider a natural product as a “drug” substance as the word has a seemingly negative connotation. A drug can be Rx, OTC, herbal, homeopathic, a tonic, a “street” product, synthetic, natural or a combination. A drug can also come in many forms; capsule, liquid, tonic and more. The reason for this post is to inform that regardless of the type a drug can heal, can destroy, can manage or simply maintain.

The natural products sector, as well the pharmaceutical sector is not a simple delineation as this was a topic a colleague and I discussed the other day. Many believe that Rx, or what we think of as conventional, approved, clinically effective, and undergone immense clinical trial testing can cure, or heal. But do they? Or do they simply manage a condition if combination with other products that become required “treatment” to manage the side effects and simply then control conditions?

We will pursue the education involved (from the educated consumer) as well as the rise in sales of natural health products and those pharmaceuticals that also are approved in the market, and available via prescription (or not) that have naturally occuring, powerful, effective natural ingredients.

Research in Canada- NNHPD – Natural Health Products in the market

Logo.pngThis is New Earth Nutraceutical.

I have been relatively quiet of late in the “blog arena” as we have been busy with assisting in launch and establishment of distribution channels for companies globally. The sector, if you will is well-being…the arena all encompassing. Cosmetic, natural, natural health, cosmetic with natural products, and those that facilitate a positive change. Cosmetics can facilitate a positive change, and increase the feeling of well-being, bring happiness, enjoyment. Cosmetics can be natural…and this featured logo shows the exuberance of ever changing…bursting perhaps with exuberance…renewal, regeneration,rejuvenation…all words that seem to be descriptives in the “anti-aging and prevention” industry.  Why I use this companies image is because it, like many products on the market is formulated brilliantly – east meets west, a supplement, a natural health product, containing “food ingredients”, adaptogenic, increasing vitality, vigor, strength and energy. It is just one example of the growth in Natural Health product choices coming out of research and manufacturing in Canada to meet the global demand and increasing trend in natural health products and well-being. Please see Street talk for stats on the global market trend…and as we always support natural, beneficial and simple, clean to support the bodies innate ability to heal please see more about New Earth Nutraceuticals. If you are interested in either taking, learning more, and understanding the clinical outcomes please reach out to me either via this blog or to Christine@maiaglobal.com.

Natural Comments

healthy Place


Mental Health, and spiritual well-being…how you treat yourself and others shape your reality. I am healthy, I am well, I am happy and so for the contribute to wellness as well as support the bodies innate ability to heal.
By the same token, respect for self, and self protection of the mind, body and spirit. Ensure that appreciation as oppose to expectation prevails, and that those around respect. These small gestures for “self” create your loving world.

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Things to Ponder….trending now on media

healthy Place


Mental Health, and spiritual well-being…how you treat yourself and others shape your reality. I am healthy, I am well, I am happy and so for the contribute to wellness as well as support the bodies innate ability to heal.
By the same token, respect for self, and self protection of the mind, body and spirit. Ensure that appreciation as oppose to expectation prevails, and that those around respect. These small gestures for “self” create your loving world.

Essential Oils and Vital Foods

Trending recently on social media – namely FB and LinkedIn are the importance of essential oils, and foods that offer benefit to vital organ function. http://www.aromaazinternational.com is one valuable resource on the benefits of essential oils as part of a regimen to healing and well-being. These can be applied topically, in a bath, and some systemically.
It is essential (note the pun :))…that web-sites and information on web-sites or from bloggers are vetted and/or from a reliable source with evidence based research to prove the accolades and merits. On web-sites such as the Heart and Stroke foundation, medline, and others valuable information can be sourced on the benefits of foods as related to health and prevention. A list of important foods, or those that can be support healing can be induced or eaten in conjunction with prescription medication to support what the medication, natural supplement, or herbal/homeopathic is intended to achieve. The key is to determine cause, and then address with that which is provided naturally to help support.i.e. healthy fats support lipids which are necessary to support function. Such foods include avocado, olives, sardines ,salmon,nuts…etc.
For information on resources please reach out and we would be pleased to provide. On the board of the Rejuvin-Aging Association is Anjael Hebron, PhD a formulator, osteopath, homeopath, with several other notable degrees as well as other experts in their fields so we would be pleased to address. These questions can be health, product, or wellness related pertaining to any of the facets alone or in combination. http://www.rejuvin-aging.com.

Choice then Intent, then Thought


Life is choice. The bodies innate response which we have written about in the past is to heal. When or if an incident occurs such as a stroke, there is a place for immediate intervention, and Rx to maintain stability and life. Many times, this can be a combination of prescription medication, foods, physio and lifestyle changes. There must be a cognitive decision and desire or intent to heal, and made manifest intentions or thought to be well. Dr Dyer and many have written about the power of intention…I am Healthy, I am Well is an example, followed and supported by foods, exercises, and whatever you prescribe or subscribe to….
In the process or journey, we move from an incident, into maintenance, then healing mode. For healing mode foods that support the medication, and lifestyle changes to support the healing process are a necessity.
To provide an example; anti-inflammatory foods where inflammation of vital organ function is diagnosed; alkaline foods in a system that has repetitive ulcers, detoxifying foods, water with lemon, and introducing foods with turmeric (curcumin), cinnamon, garlic if liver issues prevail. These are simply examples.
Natural, or minimally processed is best; not always marketing accolades and “labels.”
The process of healing is minimize risk, maintain (supported by a healthy food and activities, and a positive outlook and energy/will to heal.
Just recently I became a Reiki Master and Practitioner…there is a place for energy healing, and is accepted by the individual taking the necessary steps to heal. These steps are a combination of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, and so forth.
One must also listen to their body, and choose the most appropriate course to minimize risk, and acknowledge that the road to well-being requires an integrated, knowledge based approach. Sometimes the knowledge comes from within.
To your good health

Natural? – The Alternative to Good Health, Wellness and Healing – Is this THE Way?

Natural Comments

youth mandala

Late last year (2014) I was asked to write a book on 49 Ways to Healthy,Vibrant Skin.  This ebook is available for USD 9.95 on two web-sites at current to combat cellulite, as often the way we “feel” and how good we feel about ourselves can do wonders for our mental and spiritual health.  Mental and spiritual health are facets in the circle of Wellness (a total of 7 identified facets).

Feeling good about yourself, and wellness is more than physical and how we look, so the book is just one source of knowledge I wanted to introduce our readers to available at http://www.awesomenass.com or http://www.ihawesomeb.com.

This is also flu season, and within the last few weeks prevalent is an increase in sufferers of sinus issues, coughs, colds, runny noses and so forth.  Instead of opting for antibiotics, or  sitting at the Dr or clinics office only to be potentially turned away and instructed…

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The 7 Facets or Aspects of Well-Being

love yourself

Loving yourself, and caring for yourself, is not selfish.  It is a gift to be awarded yourself so that you can assist others, achieve your desires, be there for family, friends, business colleagues and enjoy your life.  This is the theme of 49 Ways to Vibrant, Healthy, Skin, a theme on what we offer colleagues, clients, friends, and family.  There is no right, no wrong, no judgments on the journey to well being.  The University of California, Riverside on their web-site outlines (as well as other sites) the 7 aspects. http://www.ucr.edu is one point of reference, and what you choose or how you choose to balance is choice.

Natural comments is about exercising natural, as we have been provided, with conventional or more recent advances in the areas of well-being and gain the necessary knowledge on the most effective alternatives that suit you, your preferences, and lifestyle.  Often, it is a combination.