Evitarol – For Antibody

There is a choice. The key lies in the antibody whether naturally derived (you had COVID), you had the vaccine, or you take Evitarol. After one bottle Evitarol creates the antibody as proven by approved COVID medical device antibody tests.

There are other ways to build your antibodies, and it does not have to be the vaccine that may create short term and long term adverse effects. The CDC, WHO, and almost every nation and every person has read that creating or having the antibody reduces the possibility of contracting the virus, or reducing impact and spread. Vaccines are not the only option to build immunity and the antibody. There are other ways to receive immunity to help protect you and the spread by taking homeopathic alternatives that give small does of “virus” to help your body build the fight naturally. Like Evitarol, “Vaccines work in much the same way. They expose your body to an antigen that trains your immune system to fight that germ in the future. Because vaccines contain weakened or killed versions of viruses, you become immune without getting sick.”(CDC, webMD, WHO) This statement makes logical sense except that these COVID vaccines are new, in an essential mass clinical trial, do not take into consideration heredity, pre-disposed conditions, and work differently with exceptionally damaging cases of concrete reported adverse events in the young and older recipients.

Evitarol contains each of disease or virus causing actives : Anas Berberaie, Bascilinum, Pyrogenium, Sambucus nigra, Influenzeum, Eupatorium Peroliatum, Asenicum Album, Aconitum Napellus, Cryptolepis Sanguinolenta. Anyone can take it to build the antibody. Anyone post vaccine, without vaccine, or as a booster to naturally maintain the antibody. Moreover, it will be constantly adapted to address new strains quickly and efficiently once cause is identified.

Vaccine is not the only solution. We know that vaccines are not a “coat of armour” to protect with a 100% guarantee you will not get COVID. We know it is likely you will not, and we know it is likely to contain the spread because of the antibody. We know Evitarol as an option builds and can maintain the antibody, with natural ingredients, and therein lies the comparable “help protect and help stop the spread.” There are no adverse reported side effects, even with those that have had COVID and one shot or two shots of the available vaccines. We know it is recommended to take once every three months, we know similarly that one round of vaccine is not enough, now they want booster. Evitarol can be your booster. Evitarol is a choice. www.evitarol.com. A homeopathic alternative available for export from Canada.    

Naturally Better

Natural, whole, “real” and supporting the innate response of the body to heal has always been a mantra. Helping companies establish themselves with products that support all facets of well-being a “must” with global presence is a goal. Helping people heal, re-energize, and find balance plus living in the moment is essential.

With the desire to help companies expand and launch internationally with global awareness, reach, frequency as well as support all audience members it has been a challenge for me to keep up with Natural Comments. Plus the Huna Practice, as well s Reiki and formulating as well as regulatory work to ensure safe, proven, effective products are marketed with compliance.

So I am handing this blog over to an extremely competent, smart, beautiful (inside and out) person who believes in natural, understands well-being, is honest, and trustworthy. She naturally says what is on her mind, and offers best advice.

I will continue to write on occasion, at least though with her taking the “reigns” you can ask questions, seek guidance, and if there is something specific you need she can always refer.

Keep well, and more to come!


POP Star PINK Turns to Zoono for protection and Health

As recently appearing in:  Science & Medical | 03/09/2018 12:04:25 PM

Digital Citizens – Australia + NZ


Wowing 37,000+ fans in Dunedin, NZ, on Saturday night, there were no signs of the recent health issues that have plagued international pop-rock star Pink (Alecia Moore) since arriving Down Under.

Hospitalised with a gastric virus, Moore was forced to postpone three concerts in Sydney, only to find out her younger child, son Jameson, had been diagnosed with Hand-foot-and-mouth disease (HFMD), a highly contagious viral infection spread through the air or contact. With several shows remaining on her Beautiful Trauma tour in New Zealand and Australia, and Moore’s own low immunity after her illness, ZOONO® Marketing Manager Pip Hobson wanted to reach out and offer some assistance.

Preventative Self-Care

ZOONO® are an ASX-listed, NZ-based company which has been quietly taking on the world over the last two decades. Their sought-afterexclusive revolutionary technology has created an antibacterial range that is alcohol-free, non-toxic, safer for kids, plants and animals and kills 99% of nasties. Their skin products stay working for up to 24 hours, and surface products up to 30 days.

The benefit of using ZOONO® products are that they are the ultimate in germ prevention – they kill 99.9% of germs, are long-lasting and offer preventative self-care unlike any other antibacterial range.

“We asked our PR person to contact Pink’s team and offer to send some ZOONO® Hand Sanitiser, Microbe Shield Surface Wipes and Germ Foggers (similar to flea bombs for rooms, but for germs instead).

Alecia is more susceptible to catching HFMD after being unwell in Australia, so we wanted to help out by sending out a large package of our antibacterial product as an extra line of defence against HFMD spreading to family and crew,” says Hobson.

Pink’s team quickly came back with a resounding ‘Yes please!’

“Parents are usually very keen to try ZOONO® because it is non-toxic, water-based and gentle on skin. With a touring crew of over 80 people plus a young family, preventative self-care is key,” says Hobson.

An urgent delivery was made to distribute to the star and her family, and the rest of the Beautiful Trauma Tour crew.

Who Are ZOONO®?

Because of their unique technology, ZOONO® products are sought-after by hospitals, laboratories, surgeries and food/beverage facilities all over the world. Originally launched as a commercial antibacterial range, demand led to the launch of their customer-focused range which has had huge uptake, with their alcohol-free Hand Sanitiser fast becoming a cult product.

It is regularly touted by well-known Australasian Instagram influencers such as With The Whittakers, Just Another Mummy, The OCD by Christine and personalities such as Niki Bezzant (Healthy Food Guide magazine) and Ally McManus (Wellbeing magazine).

ZOONO® has many customers around the world, such as CVS Pharmacy, Walmart and Amazon in the USA and MITIE in the UK who are supplying products and services to the likes of Rolls Royce, Land Rover Jaguar, banks and several airports throughout the UK. Fonterra’s head office in NZ, along with 400 local childcare centers in NZ and Australia, along with several household names in food manufacturing and processing also use ZOONO® products.

ZOONO® is now used in several hospitals in South Korea and the Shimamura stores in Japan and have several new customers across the Middle East and India as the products are alcohol-free (Halal).

With a headquarters in Auckland and offices in The United Kingdom, sells its products at 8,000 retail outlets in the USA and South Korea, including through Amazon in the US. They are currently experiencing significant growth in markets such as the UK and EU, Canada, the Middle East, China, Japan, ASEAN Countries and continue to sell in leaps and bounds throughout the United States. ZOONO® products are manufactured both in Auckland, New Zealand as well as South Carolina in the US.

How Does ZOONO® Work?

ZOONO® uses a molecule first developed by German scientists in the early 1900s to stop algae from building up on the hulls of submarines and ships. The molecule also effectively kills bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould, including Norovirus, making it an ideal solution in the prevention of germs spreading.

“Independent third-party testing shows it is still killing bacteria at 99.24%, even after 24 hours,” stated Zoono’s Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) Dr Andrew Alexander.

The molecule destroys germs through a mechanical process rather than poisoning or dehydrating them, which makes it safe for children and pets, and environmentally friendly. ZOONO® ‘s unique technology kills by a ‘mechanical‘ process rather than via poison or dehydration.

A layer of positively charged molecular pins bonds to the surface and attracts then destroys negatively charged pathogens by rupturing the pathogen cell.

The protective ‘pins’ on the surface remain intact and effective for up to 30 days.

The germ cell is stopped dead in its tracks, the same way a balloon pops.

ZOONO® CEO, Paul Hyslop says, “We’re a disruptive inventor. Our product works when it has dried, not just when it is wet. Our business model is to make much less product of a non-toxic variety, which is used sparingly but lasts a long time. In terms of preventing the spread of pathogens, our products are the gold standard, which is why so many hospitals, labs, childcare centres and food manufacturing customers choose ZOONO®.

“However important building immunity is, not everyone has the time to get sick, or have the kids sick. ZOONO® offers an extra line of defence against a daily onslaught of germs. And as antibiotic resistance continues to rattle the medical industry worldwide, prevention is key to avoid pandemics,” says Hyslop.

ZOONO® is available now in Canada.

ZOONO® products are backed by science, and tested in independent, accredited, GLP Laboratories all around the world. ZOONO® products have been proven in over 100 laboratory tests to kill or deactivate a variety of bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi and algae. They are the original leaders in germ defence innovation worldwide.


How Can I Help?

…It’s a greeting, a question, an objective, a daily actionable point, a deliverable, and my foundation that has become a company point of difference. This is what we do. Our alliance partners as well.

We represent products and companies whose founders or originator’s have the same foundation. We offer products that require introduction or further  extension  into the market. They  benefit all audiences. They are products that offer mental well-being or enjoyment (the foundation of healing), systemic health, topical health and enhance. They have proven advantage. They offer to the consumer a noticeable change, visible distinction, a feeling, more energy, vibrance, joy,  a difference and products that blast bacteria for extended periods (on the body or on or in the environment – “your clean space.” Some have natural product accolades, some are cosmetic, some are non-drying, safe, non toxic bacteria and virus eliminators to create safe havens, some are systemic to start a more healthy day.

All offerings ensure competitive pricing, realistic and profitable margin and have program support, social media, education and awareness to create the demand, results that exceed expectation on performance to assure inventory turns. We work with natural, proven, clean, healthy, and that which promotes a mindful respect of well-being.

We seek like minded retailers, resellers, distributor partners, on-line retailers and wholesalers in our home region of North America, as well as in our alliance partners area of expertise being Europe, AU and NZ. We also delve into the Asian markets when requested and reach our partners in those associated countries. Our purpose is to provide the consumers with products aimed at improving wellness.

Please reach out – we invite you to ask about the people whose company and products we have chosen to represent and have chosen us for our belief in healing, objective to deliver, and expertise. We invite you to experience the products that are beneficial. We offer resellers’ support, value and products that  prove wellness is attainable with regular turns in inventory of incredible brands.

Happy customers bring more customers.

My direct line is +905 582 9970 and confidential email is christine@maiaglobal.com. Welcome to our way of working. It is about you and your customers.

Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas


The GREEN Rocket

DISCOVER GREEN at Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas

Cosmoprof North America responds to the trend in “green” Health, Wellness and Beauty Products with the launch of Discover Green.  This is the first year the area is available and it features companies that offer products to meet this growing consumer demand.

The presentation of the Discover Green area at Cosmoprof Las Vegas 2016 is a responsive, proactive and intelligent move to launch an area dedicated to the increased trend towards well-being and power brands.  These products address advanced technology and all offer natural ingredients.

According to Euromonitor “the global health and wellness market is strong and growing with sales recording a 6.5% value growth (fixed exchange rates) from 2011.  Products offering specific health benefits, such as fortified/functional, or those renowned for their natural health properties drove value sales, with rates above 7%.   The expected trillion dollar industry by 2017 is driven largely at a CAGR on average of 5.9% by green, natural or organic products with proven benefit.”

The Discover Green area within Cosmoprof North America includes companies that are dedicated to and offer eco-friendly, clean, organic, and natural health and beauty products. The area embraces all categories of green and wellness. The decision to launch the new area comes on the heels of increased consumer awareness of environmental impact and ingredient safety from health and beauty products purchased.


The response to Discover Green has been incredible, with companies vying for a spot in an area where toxins are not accepted, and integrity of natural, clean, beneficial and effective products are stringently assessed. There are 20 companies featured in the Discover Green area including 808 Dude, Inci Medica, Balanced Guru, Youth to People, Jurlique, Plume Science and many more.


This move is refreshing, reflects current consumer demand and demonstrates why Cosmoprof is the leading conference choice for both attendance and showcasing new products and technologies.   DISCOVER GREEN simply rounds out the portfolio of special areas that distinguish CPNA as the premier event that continuously drives innovation and puts the spotlight on key beauty segments.


For more information on green, natural, organic, trends, and what’s hot in the natural health and beauty products industry please contact christine@maiaglobal.com.


Natural Health Product Adverse Reactions (SONAR): Active Surveillance of Adverse Events Following Concurrent Natural Health Product and Prescription Drug Use in Community Pharmacies

Recent national surveys in North America, Australia and Europe suggest that more than half of the population uses dietary supplements, also known as natural health products (NHPs) or complementary medicines, including herbs, vitamins, minerals and other supplements. [1][6]In developing countries, use is even higher; in Africa for example, 80% of the population uses African Traditional Medicine, 90% of which is plant-based. [5].

 Reported also within the above captioned PubMed article is the following:

NHPs are generally considered to be safe by the public, despite the growing evidence that this is not always the case. [1], [7][11] Particular caution is warranted when NHPs are used in combination with prescription medications due to the potential for interactions. [1] Of note, NHPs are frequently used by patients with chronic or recurrent conditions; these patients are also the most likely to be prescribed conventional medications. [12][14] Since the likelihood of an adverse event (AE), including drug interactions, increases with the number of medicinal products used, it is hypothesized that patients who concurrently use prescription medications and NHPs are therefore at greater risk for an AE than if they were using either product alone and represent a population of particular interest with respect to exploring the safety of NHPs.[10].

The many Canadians who take natural health products as well as prescription drugs are six times as likely to suffer unwanted side effects. What does this mean?

Research shows that natural health products through historical use, traditional use, scientific evaluation and clinical outcomes studies have properties often that prove substantially beneficial in treating or managing conditions at source or cause. Rx or prescription medication indicated for a condition also must undergo rigorous, labourious testing. Whether it be Rx, OTC, or NHP each individual category or product is studied separately for outcomes, and in Canada under the NNHPD are evaluated (NHP or natural products) for safety and efficacy much like an OTC. To mix therapies, drugs, treatments and expect a positive outcome is not guaranteed. Much of our Rx and OTC products contain natural ingredients, as well as synthetic…Natural is natural…both can be potent and effective.

This means one needs to be cognizant that mixing drugs or any “medication” or treatment in combination or “cocktails” does not necessarily guarantee positive efficacy or outcome. This means – Choice is essential.   When engaged in treatment or preventative measures it is imperative that information is shared with all health practitioners as well as treatment interventions whether it be OTC, Rx or NHP – natural products.

All are in essence medications or tonics that affect the body physiologically. For a number of reasons, largely by experience Natural Comments supports natural traditional “medicines” in the treatment and prevention of conditions. Seeking the cause and addressing at source with NHP products that are evidenced-based, effective.    

Medical Care – Rx Drugs-The Toronto Sun

Medical care main cause of death -Prescription drug adverse effects cost millions- These are only the  tangible “costs”………

Dr. W. Gifford-Jones

By , Special to Postmedia Network

First posted: Saturday, April 02, 2016 07:00 AM EDT

Gifford Jones

A meticulous study concluded that, every year in the U.S, conventional medicine kills 800,000 patients. Compare this figure to 700,000 that die of heart disease and 500,000 from cancer.

The report claims that 7.5 million medical and surgical procedures are unnecessary. Another 8.9 million patients are admitted needlessly to hospital and 2.2 million patients suffer adverse reactions to prescription drugs. The cost of this treatment? – 282 billion dollars.

It’s appalling that every year 20 million people are treated with antibiotics for viral infections. But viral infections are not affected by antibiotics, only infections caused by bacteria!

The survey authors say past studies have concentrated on individual medical care rather than the big picture. They show that, during a 10 year period, 50% of the U.S. population will receive unnecessary medical care. During this time medical care will kill 7.8 million people. This is more than all the casualties from all the wars fought by the U.S. in its entire history!

The Journal of the American Medical Association adds that one million patients are injured annually in the U.S and that 280,000 die due to these injuries. Compare this to 45,000 killed in car accidents.

Another prestigious publication, The New England Journal of Medicine, states that one in four patients admitted to hospital suffers a medical error. The majority of these mistakes involve drugs for depression, painkillers such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular drugs.

At this point I wouldn’t blame readers asking, “What the hell is going on?” Some problems are due to tired doctors and nurses. Or the failure to use only specially trained doctors in intensive care units. Or because doctors and hospitals fail to report complications for fear of litigation. The list is as long as your arm.

The authors conclude with a shocking indictment that conventional medical treatment is the main cause of death in the United States! In fact, they believe most of the figures are under-reported and the death toll is equal to six jumbo jets crashing every day in the U.S.

The survey covers problems that I’ve reported for years. That young children taking Ritalin are being programmed for a life on drugs. That big pharma has spent 2.5 billion dollars claiming it’s educating the public while increasing its own bottom line. That the public is misled and programmed to illness by nightly TV diagnoses.

Dr. John Goffman, an expert on radiation, warns that in the future 75% of cancers will be the result of excessive radiation from X-rays, CT scans, mammography and fluoroscopy. He reports that an X-ray of the chest results in 2MREM of radiation. But an angiogram to detect coronary disease results in 460 to 1580 MREM!

Since this report is devastating, what should medical consumers do to protect themselves? Look on it as a big wakeup call, get smart and don’t become one of these statistics. Never believe that even minor surgery is risk-free. If hospitalized, understand that the sooner you leave, the safer you will be. Be extremely cautious about radiation. Don’t take a painkiller for every ache and pain. There’s no free lunch with medication. Will we ever learn from history?

EDITOR’S NOTE: The column does not constitute medical advice and is not meant to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure disease. Please contact your doctor. The information provided is for informational purposes only and are the views solely of the author.

Just some Stats – Drugs? – Natural

Just some Stats: Natural Health Products – Canada and Global

This brief post was derived from my curiosity to examine the trend in growth of the natural health product v where the pharmaceutical industry, and where “medicine” if you will of “choice” is trending. Conventional drugs v natural, classification of a “drug” and choice of people and professionals.

Prior to my involvement in wellness and prevention which also includes “cosmetics” and really any product that is proven to facilitate a positive change in well-being I was a consultant in the Pharmaceutical industry founder of a company that still exists today. After “exiting” for lack of a better word, and partially by choice the decision was made to focus on prevention and well-being which also includes “cosmetics, those “cosmetics or cares that also can be classified as natural health products” and feel good products that are simply cosmetics but do an incredible amount to help mental health, instantly uplift, raise spirits, or relieve stress.

Maia International Inc. helps companies launch into markets starting often with filing of cosmetic notifications and also as natural health products. The area has become “grey” to a certain extent as many skin cares, or “natural” cosmetics that have shown positive outcomes can be classified as a natural health product, elevating themselves a bit beyond the cosmetic realm. There is also, by the same token, a grey area within pharma, biologics, biopharmaceutical, functional food, and topicals that nourish the skin. Is a supplement really a functional food? – this is what we are in the business of doing. Helping you launch successfully with understanding.

As companies strive to launch beneficial products and capitalize on the trend for more natural, proving outcomes, and proving their products are “different” it is important to understand where the market is going, how you can “classify” and examine whether a Natural Health Product accolade is where your product or what is in the pipeline will fit.

Regardless of the source of data the Natural Health Products industry is growing in comparison to the traditional pharmaceutical industry. We can search for the answer as to why? (whether it be to support the bodies innate response to heal, combat and manage the signs of aging, a growing aging population, education, or the increase in interest for overall well-being) however, regardless of the why the key is to satisfy need and how to successful launch and compete effectively in this market.

The Natural health industry includes vitamins, minerals, herbal remedies, homeopathic medicines and traditional Chinese medicines represents in Canada alone a $2.5 billion industry.  Does it also include Bio-pharmaceuticals? Which also are classified under the NNHPD? Acceptance also by health care practitioners are also a factor in the thrust, and the advent of the NHP accolade opening avenues for companies to thrive and compete with traditional “pharma.”

For the company wishing to venture into this growing sector and analyse the potential of particular product I have gathered some key pieces of information readily available for “a glimpse” with provided source of data:

  • There are huge opportunities ahead in this still-growing industry. Purchase power According to a 2005 Ipsos-Reid study, 71 percent of Canadians use an NHP (Natural Health Products as regulated by the NNHPD) regularly, and 77 percent of Canadians agree that NHPs can promote good health. The latest industry statistics, released in July 2009, indicate that profits, exports, and the number of businesses involved in NHPs and functional foods—foods with added health benefits—have all experienced notable growth. NHPs and functional foods generated $3.7 billion in revenue in 2007, $732 million was exported, mostly to the US, and $148 million was spent on research and development (R&D). – See more at: http://www.alive.com/health/canadas-natural-health-industry/#sthash.PNnqDSah.dpuf



  • Strong recovery of the global health and wellness market is on the way, with sales recording 6.5% value growth (fixed exchange rates) in 2011.  Products offering specific health benefits, such as fortified/functional, or those renowned for their natural health properties drove value sales, with rates above 7%. Growth was further fuelled by the developments in the emerging markets as China and Brazil alone contributed US$15 billion in new sales that year. Steady real term growth of 7.2% (current prices) is expected to continue to 2017, with global health and wellness sales on the way to hit a record high of US$1 trillion by 2017.

Source: Euromonitor International

More snippets:

  • The multi-billion dollar market of nutritional supplements combined with increased global distribution channels continues to fuel growth potential in the healthcare, pharmaceutical & nutritional supplement Industries as some industry analysts expect the nutrition supplement market to reach $175Billion globally by 2020. Consumer awareness regarding the benefits of dietary supplements and new product availability are the major drivers for the market world-wide.

The pharmaceutical industry, at both the global and Canadian levels, has experienced an unprecedented amount of challenges and changes over the past several years. Global market growth is trending down and the current pace is below the historical 5-year average.

A cosmetic? Cosmetics also play a huge role in the industry whether it be nail polish, make-up (without toxins or harmful ingredients), hair growth, creams that hydrate… whatever it may be as they are important to self-care, elevating spirit, and mental well-being.

Please contact me for further insight on Pharma to natural, NHP’s, Supplements or Cosmetics: we are in the business of focusing on customers, facilitating well-being and helping to launch products with companies that focus on positive outcomes. Thank you – Christine Pemberton




Drugs Defined

The common definition of a drug is” a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.” This can be topically, systemically, via injection, tinctures, etc.

When we think of drugs seldom do we consider a natural product as a “drug” substance as the word has a seemingly negative connotation. A drug can be Rx, OTC, herbal, homeopathic, a tonic, a “street” product, synthetic, natural or a combination. A drug can also come in many forms; capsule, liquid, tonic and more. The reason for this post is to inform that regardless of the type a drug can heal, can destroy, can manage or simply maintain.

The natural products sector, as well the pharmaceutical sector is not a simple delineation as this was a topic a colleague and I discussed the other day. Many believe that Rx, or what we think of as conventional, approved, clinically effective, and undergone immense clinical trial testing can cure, or heal. But do they? Or do they simply manage a condition if combination with other products that become required “treatment” to manage the side effects and simply then control conditions?

We will pursue the education involved (from the educated consumer) as well as the rise in sales of natural health products and those pharmaceuticals that also are approved in the market, and available via prescription (or not) that have naturally occuring, powerful, effective natural ingredients.

Research in Canada- NNHPD – Natural Health Products in the market

Logo.pngThis is New Earth Nutraceutical.

I have been relatively quiet of late in the “blog arena” as we have been busy with assisting in launch and establishment of distribution channels for companies globally. The sector, if you will is well-being…the arena all encompassing. Cosmetic, natural, natural health, cosmetic with natural products, and those that facilitate a positive change. Cosmetics can facilitate a positive change, and increase the feeling of well-being, bring happiness, enjoyment. Cosmetics can be natural…and this featured logo shows the exuberance of ever changing…bursting perhaps with exuberance…renewal, regeneration,rejuvenation…all words that seem to be descriptives in the “anti-aging and prevention” industry.  Why I use this companies image is because it, like many products on the market is formulated brilliantly – east meets west, a supplement, a natural health product, containing “food ingredients”, adaptogenic, increasing vitality, vigor, strength and energy. It is just one example of the growth in Natural Health product choices coming out of research and manufacturing in Canada to meet the global demand and increasing trend in natural health products and well-being. Please see Street talk for stats on the global market trend…and as we always support natural, beneficial and simple, clean to support the bodies innate ability to heal please see more about New Earth Nutraceuticals. If you are interested in either taking, learning more, and understanding the clinical outcomes please reach out to me either via this blog or to Christine@maiaglobal.com.

Natural Comments

healthy Place


Mental Health, and spiritual well-being…how you treat yourself and others shape your reality. I am healthy, I am well, I am happy and so for the contribute to wellness as well as support the bodies innate ability to heal.
By the same token, respect for self, and self protection of the mind, body and spirit. Ensure that appreciation as oppose to expectation prevails, and that those around respect. These small gestures for “self” create your loving world.

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