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One in Four people, according to recent stats just gathered do not want to take the COVID vaccine. There are homeopathic alternatives of which Evitarol is one. Developed and manufactured by Maierto Inc., it is available for export out of Canada, not for sale within Canada. They are awaiting a homeopathic DIN. After one bottle the antibody is found in the system using an approved COVID antibody test. It is choice, and also choice after vaccine or instead of vaccine. It is choice as an alternative to a booster, or to the second shot if reactions were severe after the first.

Building antibody is key according to the CDC, WHO and epidemiologists. Serology testing, and more research is still underway. The foundation of the message is if you have the antibody you are somewhat more protected and we reduce the spread. I have been quiet, moreso than in the past, as I watch, listen, observe the reactions and the pressure felt by so many, as I see the rules being imposed, and have witnessed people getting unwell. Unwell from the virus, unwell from the side-effects, mentally unwell from the strain imposed, yet physically well. Choice is freedom. Options should be made available. Health should be a personal privilege and not a push. Of course, choose not to have the vaccine, then your freedoms of movement are removed or threatened. Vaccine passport?? Absurd unless you prefer control. What about simply testing for health, testing for immunity, testing for antibody presence. The diatribe is you have the antibody you are “safer” – so build the antbody.

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Small Changes can lead to Healthier Skin, Younger, Firming, and Renewed?



Press Release

For Immediate Release


Maia International Inc., Jan 5 2015

Skin, being a protective layer, our largest organ and one which we desire to be Younger looking, firm, without wrinkles, a strong lipid layer and collagen matrix, even in tone, etc, can be achieved with the use of effective topical products, without harmful ingredients, and changes in what we eat, – systemically.

Scar tissue, can be less apparent by using over 2% Hydrogen Peroxide daily followed by a collagen building topical, such as hyaluronic acid, argireline, Vitamin E, or even Pure Argan oil; lemon water can do wonders for alkalinity; bean sprouts have an abundance of healthy vitamins to support skin structure; and cellulite can be reduced through cucumber, papaya, and others. All this and more information is available in 49 Ways to Healthy Vibrant Skin, a downloadable e-book for only USD 9.95.  The purpose of making this easy to reference book (based on industry expertise, formulation knowledge, and insight) is to make this information available to all interested individuals for well-being at an affordable price on mass.

Currently, the e-book offering is available at which is a site dedicated to promoting a cellulite system to rejuvenate and repair, as well as the book for healthier, glowing skin.  Our corporate site for an understanding of the breadth of our expertise, and what we do is which offers a basis for credibility. For more information please contact Christine at or

To your Good Health and Vibrant Skin

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medicine man

There is Always a Cause.

I am sad.  I am weary. I am stressed…..I am depressed; may ultimately become the outcome of such belief’s or thought. I am …the leading cause of ailments can be circumstance, attitude, behavior, intake, lack of balance, habit, output, or any combination of many factors. Harmony of mind, body and spirit within natural medicine or traditional treatments is generally intended to treat cause. It is a lifestyle choice on the journey to well-being and can combine “medicines” – usually traditional, natural approaches rather than a prescribed drug or as often labeled ”ethical” prescription (ie Prozac) or OTC “remedy.”  Is the remedy however, not treatment of the cause and mitigating the effect while treating the cause?

Both can be addressed and co-exist when appropriate and based on condition in most circumstance.  Depression, in this example, can be treated with prescription medication, but  then how long? at what cost? and what about the cause?  By the same token, choice can be made by treating with St John’s Wart to alleviate….either method can be effective, yet ultimately the cure for reoccurrence  and prevention lies within treating the cause and addressing a substantial change in lifestyle. Strive to live naturally, in balance, and with balance.  The conclusion to this post update is co-existence of traditional and non-traditional or natural and Prescription drug use to OTC can be a collaborative approach.  I think we would all agree that natural came first, hence can be defined as traditional, and when it comes to products, intake, and lifestyle, less is more.

Our next three blog posts will further explore the reasons behind anti-aging, hype of natural, need for addressing cause, recuperation, rejuvenation, renewal, prevention and energizing especially during the summer months.

Is this True?

This is one persons, or perhaps many people’s perspective, and related perception which, depending on desire, choice, and impression created will drive behavior.  I chose this Facebook blurb because it emphases the point very well  it is driven by social media….Facebook, is both perspective and perception…but what if I told you that it “pharma” may have a place in some instances, may be a need immediate not necessarily long-term, or may not necessarily create customers in everyone?

If I told you that consumers and many audiences, who are always a consumer in some respect, are choosing natural over pharma or a combination your perspective would most likely change; definitively your perception of this advert or opinion would be affected.

People are in fact, choosing more natural, preventative measures to achieve wellness, balance, and rejuvenate as well as manage aging or focus on “anti-aging.”  For your own education there are several sites that address the “general” change, all available on line and prevalent via social media avenues.

These are as follows: which outlines the choice to a natural ingredient over synthetic formulation which provides insight on natural v Rx

And….for choice…, which I have provided for the simple reason of addressing choice in cosmetics since it was part of the comments, and choice in dealing with inflammation hoping to alter your perspective for a natural choice.

Be well

Christine Pemberton

June 5 2014
“Americans spent more than $300 billion on prescription drugs every year; nearly half of all adults have taken at least one prescription drug in the last month; nearly a third regularly use two or more; and women are more likely than men to use prescription drugs.” Source: CDC.
“Drugs can undoubtedly save lives, but our penchant for prescriptions can sometimes mean treating or masking symptoms—without fixing the root cause of the health issue.” Source CSI News. Can this also be said for topical cares, quick fix diets, and basically any trend that does not create a lifestyle choice, and change?
It is a fact that many common ailments can be treated naturally. Some of the common ailments that can be treated without a prescription, or titrating off a prescription with the correct behavioral changes and choice (always consult a Dr before quitting a method of treatment) include but are not limited to pain, high blood pressure, hypothyroid, acid reflux, insomnia, depression, diabetes, high cholesterol, infection, impotence, anxiety, obesity, and many in combination with traditional and non-traditional means such as cancer, MS, crohns and colitis, IBS, ulcer; and many are in fact preventable through healthy, natural choice. The US National Library of Medicine service compares traditional v non-traditional treatment regimens, as well as
By the same token, for topical care there is an overwhelming amount of statistical and science based evidence on alternatives to those ingredients or procedures that create instant change. These ingredients include Matrixyl, Argirelene, Hyaluronic acid; that are science based. There also exists…naturally, sweet potato, papaya, cucumber, bean sprouts.coconut oil. Once again, natural, Rx, OTC, combination? Much of this can be decided based on what it is that you fundamentally want to change…

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Press Release
June 2 2014
…in finish, clean ingredients, sensible science, feeling of nourishment and for achieving uniformity of complexion, a youthful appearance and coverage that is light and allows your skin to breathe.
Mineral Hygienics, a natural, mineral based cosmetic is both a company and product line that manufactures and sells clean, intensely beautiful make-up. Youthful, nourished and hydrated skin with minimal lines, and firm skin begins with scientifically effective ingredients combined with nature’s offerings, as well as healthy foods to rejuvenate all major organs; skin, liver, heart, etc.
The finishing touch which most women apply is make-up to complete the “look.” Often, this make-up albeit mineral based contain a myriad of minerals and ingredients that compromise either the feel or clean simple aspect meant to be “mineral” and associated benefits. The alternative is mass produced make-up lines built on “name,” reinforced by marketing dollars (=reputation and perception) and a host of synthetic colours, ingredients, and a base that can clog pores, compromise skin health, or include ingredients which can readily be investigated that are either toxic over time or concern with regards to potential harmful outcome. Mineral Hygienics started as a skin care company, and realized much of associated skin issues were make-up related. So, they understand the necessity of clean ingredients.
You can use the best skin health or skin care product(s) available every day, and eat healthy however, it is every ingredient that you put on your skin that will affect both topical health, and knowing that ingredients on the skin go into your body, also potentially affect internal health.
This is an unsolicited notice as I once again used Mineral Hygienics this morning during my daily routine, and can definitively see and feel the difference that good skin health creates from a mental health, and “whole” health perspective. Currently, we are seeking re-sellers and distributors that are wanting smart make-up lines to complete their portfolio of offerings. For more information please contact
We support scientifically sensible products for overall systemic and topical health that facilitate positive change. Our blog offers more information at

– End –

Street Talk
For this supporting blog post the list could be endless to support natural, minimally processed, and products that are clean, effective and serve a purpose or facilitate positive change.
The most benefit I can offer you is to provide the best possible source of information for the maximum benefit in an efficient manner. The reason people buy skin care and choose “healthier” food options is fear. Fear of wrinkles, aging, deep lines, sagging skin, and fear induced by media, marketing, and social means that advertise harmful ingredients, and what to avoid. They are seeking education, efficacy, benefit and risk harmful outcomes to replenish, renew, rejuvenate, heal and return to youth, etc, etc, etc.
There is no avoiding foods that have some amount of chemical exposure as we live in one biosphere, by the same token, there is no avoiding some form of genetically modified food, synthetic ingredient or preservative of some type. Bread is the easiest example I can readily think of as I write….most often it is packaged in plastic, and even if bakery bought would be made with some type of ingredient that has been exposed to some ingredient that has been affected by “science.” (for example..the eggs). This is a bold statement for which I would be pleased to take on any comment with regards to the truth.
I can however (with being exposed to new to market products almost daily) offer some guidance on what to look for in the natural, effective and beneficial realm that will bring some clarity to reducing harmful ingredients and maximizing results.
Currently trending are clean, natural, effective products such as Mineral Hygienics at, Skin 2 Skin Care who have won 20 awards for product excellence in various categories, and for body care, prevention, sulphate free shampoo/conditioner, pain relief the sites I can refer you to are and whose emu oil and omega 3-6-9 products can relieve pain associated with joint and muscle aches, gout, arthritis and sports injury. I will state that I am biased as I know these products, and you can search the benefits of the ingredients under medline and other reputable sources.
In the systemic or category of food, there are many ways to go natural, or organic if that is preference as well as ayurvedic especially in the now warmer summer months forthcoming. My suggestion is to seek farmers markets, seasonal fruits and vegetables, simple, clean foods. Opt for beneficial proven ingredients that can be added to smoothies, salads, or cooked foods such as Turmeric, bean sprouts, coconut oil, milk, water, avocado oil, olive oil, and opt for a banana, apple or high anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory food with every meal or between meals. Upon waking and going to bed water with a squirt of lemon or fresh lemon sliced.
To prevention, well-being and, your “whole” or entire good health.
Best -Christine Pemberton

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