Evitarol – For Antibody

There is a choice. The key lies in the antibody whether naturally derived (you had COVID), you had the vaccine, or you take Evitarol. After one bottle Evitarol creates the antibody as proven by approved COVID medical device antibody tests.

There are other ways to build your antibodies, and it does not have to be the vaccine that may create short term and long term adverse effects. The CDC, WHO, and almost every nation and every person has read that creating or having the antibody reduces the possibility of contracting the virus, or reducing impact and spread. Vaccines are not the only option to build immunity and the antibody. There are other ways to receive immunity to help protect you and the spread by taking homeopathic alternatives that give small does of “virus” to help your body build the fight naturally. Like Evitarol, “Vaccines work in much the same way. They expose your body to an antigen that trains your immune system to fight that germ in the future. Because vaccines contain weakened or killed versions of viruses, you become immune without getting sick.”(CDC, webMD, WHO) This statement makes logical sense except that these COVID vaccines are new, in an essential mass clinical trial, do not take into consideration heredity, pre-disposed conditions, and work differently with exceptionally damaging cases of concrete reported adverse events in the young and older recipients.

Evitarol contains each of disease or virus causing actives : Anas Berberaie, Bascilinum, Pyrogenium, Sambucus nigra, Influenzeum, Eupatorium Peroliatum, Asenicum Album, Aconitum Napellus, Cryptolepis Sanguinolenta. Anyone can take it to build the antibody. Anyone post vaccine, without vaccine, or as a booster to naturally maintain the antibody. Moreover, it will be constantly adapted to address new strains quickly and efficiently once cause is identified.

Vaccine is not the only solution. We know that vaccines are not a “coat of armour” to protect with a 100% guarantee you will not get COVID. We know it is likely you will not, and we know it is likely to contain the spread because of the antibody. We know Evitarol as an option builds and can maintain the antibody, with natural ingredients, and therein lies the comparable “help protect and help stop the spread.” There are no adverse reported side effects, even with those that have had COVID and one shot or two shots of the available vaccines. We know it is recommended to take once every three months, we know similarly that one round of vaccine is not enough, now they want booster. Evitarol can be your booster. Evitarol is a choice. www.evitarol.com. A homeopathic alternative available for export from Canada.    

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