Naturally Better

Natural, whole, “real” and supporting the innate response of the body to heal has always been a mantra. Helping companies establish themselves with products that support all facets of well-being a “must” with global presence is a goal. Helping people heal, re-energize, and find balance plus living in the moment is essential.

With the desire to help companies expand and launch internationally with global awareness, reach, frequency as well as support all audience members it has been a challenge for me to keep up with Natural Comments. Plus the Huna Practice, as well s Reiki and formulating as well as regulatory work to ensure safe, proven, effective products are marketed with compliance.

So I am handing this blog over to an extremely competent, smart, beautiful (inside and out) person who believes in natural, understands well-being, is honest, and trustworthy. She naturally says what is on her mind, and offers best advice.

I will continue to write on occasion, at least though with her taking the “reigns” you can ask questions, seek guidance, and if there is something specific you need she can always refer.

Keep well, and more to come!


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