POP Star PINK Turns to Zoono for protection and Health

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Wowing 37,000+ fans in Dunedin, NZ, on Saturday night, there were no signs of the recent health issues that have plagued international pop-rock star Pink (Alecia Moore) since arriving Down Under.

Hospitalised with a gastric virus, Moore was forced to postpone three concerts in Sydney, only to find out her younger child, son Jameson, had been diagnosed with Hand-foot-and-mouth disease (HFMD), a highly contagious viral infection spread through the air or contact. With several shows remaining on her Beautiful Trauma tour in New Zealand and Australia, and Moore’s own low immunity after her illness, ZOONO® Marketing Manager Pip Hobson wanted to reach out and offer some assistance.

Preventative Self-Care

ZOONO® are an ASX-listed, NZ-based company which has been quietly taking on the world over the last two decades. Their sought-afterexclusive revolutionary technology has created an antibacterial range that is alcohol-free, non-toxic, safer for kids, plants and animals and kills 99% of nasties. Their skin products stay working for up to 24 hours, and surface products up to 30 days.

The benefit of using ZOONO® products are that they are the ultimate in germ prevention – they kill 99.9% of germs, are long-lasting and offer preventative self-care unlike any other antibacterial range.

“We asked our PR person to contact Pink’s team and offer to send some ZOONO® Hand Sanitiser, Microbe Shield Surface Wipes and Germ Foggers (similar to flea bombs for rooms, but for germs instead).

Alecia is more susceptible to catching HFMD after being unwell in Australia, so we wanted to help out by sending out a large package of our antibacterial product as an extra line of defence against HFMD spreading to family and crew,” says Hobson.

Pink’s team quickly came back with a resounding ‘Yes please!’

“Parents are usually very keen to try ZOONO® because it is non-toxic, water-based and gentle on skin. With a touring crew of over 80 people plus a young family, preventative self-care is key,” says Hobson.

An urgent delivery was made to distribute to the star and her family, and the rest of the Beautiful Trauma Tour crew.

Who Are ZOONO®?

Because of their unique technology, ZOONO® products are sought-after by hospitals, laboratories, surgeries and food/beverage facilities all over the world. Originally launched as a commercial antibacterial range, demand led to the launch of their customer-focused range which has had huge uptake, with their alcohol-free Hand Sanitiser fast becoming a cult product.

It is regularly touted by well-known Australasian Instagram influencers such as With The Whittakers, Just Another Mummy, The OCD by Christine and personalities such as Niki Bezzant (Healthy Food Guide magazine) and Ally McManus (Wellbeing magazine).

ZOONO® has many customers around the world, such as CVS Pharmacy, Walmart and Amazon in the USA and MITIE in the UK who are supplying products and services to the likes of Rolls Royce, Land Rover Jaguar, banks and several airports throughout the UK. Fonterra’s head office in NZ, along with 400 local childcare centers in NZ and Australia, along with several household names in food manufacturing and processing also use ZOONO® products.

ZOONO® is now used in several hospitals in South Korea and the Shimamura stores in Japan and have several new customers across the Middle East and India as the products are alcohol-free (Halal).

With a headquarters in Auckland and offices in The United Kingdom, sells its products at 8,000 retail outlets in the USA and South Korea, including through Amazon in the US. They are currently experiencing significant growth in markets such as the UK and EU, Canada, the Middle East, China, Japan, ASEAN Countries and continue to sell in leaps and bounds throughout the United States. ZOONO® products are manufactured both in Auckland, New Zealand as well as South Carolina in the US.

How Does ZOONO® Work?

ZOONO® uses a molecule first developed by German scientists in the early 1900s to stop algae from building up on the hulls of submarines and ships. The molecule also effectively kills bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould, including Norovirus, making it an ideal solution in the prevention of germs spreading.

“Independent third-party testing shows it is still killing bacteria at 99.24%, even after 24 hours,” stated Zoono’s Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) Dr Andrew Alexander.

The molecule destroys germs through a mechanical process rather than poisoning or dehydrating them, which makes it safe for children and pets, and environmentally friendly. ZOONO® ‘s unique technology kills by a ‘mechanical‘ process rather than via poison or dehydration.

A layer of positively charged molecular pins bonds to the surface and attracts then destroys negatively charged pathogens by rupturing the pathogen cell.

The protective ‘pins’ on the surface remain intact and effective for up to 30 days.

The germ cell is stopped dead in its tracks, the same way a balloon pops.

ZOONO® CEO, Paul Hyslop says, “We’re a disruptive inventor. Our product works when it has dried, not just when it is wet. Our business model is to make much less product of a non-toxic variety, which is used sparingly but lasts a long time. In terms of preventing the spread of pathogens, our products are the gold standard, which is why so many hospitals, labs, childcare centres and food manufacturing customers choose ZOONO®.

“However important building immunity is, not everyone has the time to get sick, or have the kids sick. ZOONO® offers an extra line of defence against a daily onslaught of germs. And as antibiotic resistance continues to rattle the medical industry worldwide, prevention is key to avoid pandemics,” says Hyslop.

ZOONO® is available now in Canada.

ZOONO® products are backed by science, and tested in independent, accredited, GLP Laboratories all around the world. ZOONO® products have been proven in over 100 laboratory tests to kill or deactivate a variety of bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi and algae. They are the original leaders in germ defence innovation worldwide.


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