Drugs Defined

The common definition of a drug is” a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.” This can be topically, systemically, via injection, tinctures, etc.

When we think of drugs seldom do we consider a natural product as a “drug” substance as the word has a seemingly negative connotation. A drug can be Rx, OTC, herbal, homeopathic, a tonic, a “street” product, synthetic, natural or a combination. A drug can also come in many forms; capsule, liquid, tonic and more. The reason for this post is to inform that regardless of the type a drug can heal, can destroy, can manage or simply maintain.

The natural products sector, as well the pharmaceutical sector is not a simple delineation as this was a topic a colleague and I discussed the other day. Many believe that Rx, or what we think of as conventional, approved, clinically effective, and undergone immense clinical trial testing can cure, or heal. But do they? Or do they simply manage a condition if combination with other products that become required “treatment” to manage the side effects and simply then control conditions?

We will pursue the education involved (from the educated consumer) as well as the rise in sales of natural health products and those pharmaceuticals that also are approved in the market, and available via prescription (or not) that have naturally occuring, powerful, effective natural ingredients.

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