Essential Oils and Vital Foods

Trending recently on social media – namely FB and LinkedIn are the importance of essential oils, and foods that offer benefit to vital organ function. is one valuable resource on the benefits of essential oils as part of a regimen to healing and well-being. These can be applied topically, in a bath, and some systemically.
It is essential (note the pun :))…that web-sites and information on web-sites or from bloggers are vetted and/or from a reliable source with evidence based research to prove the accolades and merits. On web-sites such as the Heart and Stroke foundation, medline, and others valuable information can be sourced on the benefits of foods as related to health and prevention. A list of important foods, or those that can be support healing can be induced or eaten in conjunction with prescription medication to support what the medication, natural supplement, or herbal/homeopathic is intended to achieve. The key is to determine cause, and then address with that which is provided naturally to help support.i.e. healthy fats support lipids which are necessary to support function. Such foods include avocado, olives, sardines ,salmon,nuts…etc.
For information on resources please reach out and we would be pleased to provide. On the board of the Rejuvin-Aging Association is Anjael Hebron, PhD a formulator, osteopath, homeopath, with several other notable degrees as well as other experts in their fields so we would be pleased to address. These questions can be health, product, or wellness related pertaining to any of the facets alone or in combination.

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