Choice then Intent, then Thought


Life is choice. The bodies innate response which we have written about in the past is to heal. When or if an incident occurs such as a stroke, there is a place for immediate intervention, and Rx to maintain stability and life. Many times, this can be a combination of prescription medication, foods, physio and lifestyle changes. There must be a cognitive decision and desire or intent to heal, and made manifest intentions or thought to be well. Dr Dyer and many have written about the power of intention…I am Healthy, I am Well is an example, followed and supported by foods, exercises, and whatever you prescribe or subscribe to….
In the process or journey, we move from an incident, into maintenance, then healing mode. For healing mode foods that support the medication, and lifestyle changes to support the healing process are a necessity.
To provide an example; anti-inflammatory foods where inflammation of vital organ function is diagnosed; alkaline foods in a system that has repetitive ulcers, detoxifying foods, water with lemon, and introducing foods with turmeric (curcumin), cinnamon, garlic if liver issues prevail. These are simply examples.
Natural, or minimally processed is best; not always marketing accolades and “labels.”
The process of healing is minimize risk, maintain (supported by a healthy food and activities, and a positive outlook and energy/will to heal.
Just recently I became a Reiki Master and Practitioner…there is a place for energy healing, and is accepted by the individual taking the necessary steps to heal. These steps are a combination of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, and so forth.
One must also listen to their body, and choose the most appropriate course to minimize risk, and acknowledge that the road to well-being requires an integrated, knowledge based approach. Sometimes the knowledge comes from within.
To your good health

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