The 7 Facets or Aspects of Well-Being

love yourself

Loving yourself, and caring for yourself, is not selfish.  It is a gift to be awarded yourself so that you can assist others, achieve your desires, be there for family, friends, business colleagues and enjoy your life.  This is the theme of 49 Ways to Vibrant, Healthy, Skin, a theme on what we offer colleagues, clients, friends, and family.  There is no right, no wrong, no judgments on the journey to well being.  The University of California, Riverside on their web-site outlines (as well as other sites) the 7 aspects. is one point of reference, and what you choose or how you choose to balance is choice.

Natural comments is about exercising natural, as we have been provided, with conventional or more recent advances in the areas of well-being and gain the necessary knowledge on the most effective alternatives that suit you, your preferences, and lifestyle.  Often, it is a combination.

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