Natural? – The Alternative to Good Health, Wellness and Healing – Is this THE Way?

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Late last year (2014) I was asked to write a book on 49 Ways to Healthy,Vibrant Skin.  This ebook is available for USD 9.95 on two web-sites at current to combat cellulite, as often the way we “feel” and how good we feel about ourselves can do wonders for our mental and spiritual health.  Mental and spiritual health are facets in the circle of Wellness (a total of 7 identified facets).

Feeling good about yourself, and wellness is more than physical and how we look, so the book is just one source of knowledge I wanted to introduce our readers to available at or

This is also flu season, and within the last few weeks prevalent is an increase in sufferers of sinus issues, coughs, colds, runny noses and so forth.  Instead of opting for antibiotics, or  sitting at the Dr or clinics office only to be potentially turned away and instructed to buy an OTC “remedy.” There are several natural alternatives you can choose.  One is Basil tea, made with a bunch of fresh basil, about 10 cups of water to simmer, turmeric, garlic and ginger.  Drink with a few teaspoons of Manuka honey, and there are excellent antibiotic properties, anti-inflammatory that will also help to boost your immune system. Topically, apply eucalyptus oil, and opt for echinacea or oil of oregano in a small amount of water.

It is important to stress that there is a place for natural, as well, at times Rx for certain acute or chronic conditions; I choose to support natural when possible to allow the bodies innate response to healing to “kick in” if you well, and target the source of a condition.

In the next post I will address ailments, or conditions if you will such as CHF, angina, and hypertension, …foods that can help support Rx (lifesaving drugs) that are used to stabilize and foods that support natural healing.  For instance – chronic insomnia? There is valerian tea,….for increasing liver health; turmeric, cinnamon, milk thistle, dandelion are all good supporting herbs and foods.

Please reach out regarding comments and suggestions.  As part of “Rejuvin-Aging” we have on the board formulators, Dr’s, Naturopaths, Osteopaths, Aging Specialists, professionals, etc in their fields that offer insight, knowledge and assistance.  We are here to help.



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