2015 – Welcome


….It has been quite some time since I posted to Natural Comments. Over the last quarter of 2014 (being a group of individuals that help to assist  companies and people build business, brands, and launch effective natural based scientifically proven products to the market to benefit -ultimately people has left little time for balance let alone blogging.  There is an abundance of good products available, often however, there can be a disjoint in joint objectives to help individuals from all areas of the spectrum benefit and help in the journey to well-being.  A manufacturer or provider of effective product, must also be concerned with assisting the re-seller, who can best help the consumer, patient, client or customer.  Knowledge, expertise, advanced and proven formulation as a whole or in its entirety (not ingredient based on one or two of the actives) is essential, so is, willingness to support education and awareness.  The graphic in this post says it best – and my wish to you in 2015 and thereafter is one of abundance and wealth in all aspects of your life and being – spiritual, emotional, physical…good health, prosperity, balance and all good things.

Within our repertoire we are now offering on two dedicated sites a natural product for combating, rectifying cellulite and re-building skin tissue. This came about based on demand, from younger women, and the more mature women (albeit, that is not always age based! :)).  And, over and above we have written a book on 49 Ways to Healthy Vibrant Skin – available as a downloadable e-book on our cellulite sites http://www.ihawesomeb.com, and http://www.awesomenass.com.  The purpose is to get to the foundation of achieving healthy organ health, and skin through systemics, and a few bits of knowledge on what foods best support cellular function and ultimately health, maintaining an alkaline balance, and anti-oxidant as well as anti-inflammatory properties which are important to all major organ function.

We help companies and people on the road or journey to well-being choosing to target source or cause, scientifically through a host of different disciplines and various professionals.  In our knowledge base and access we have available insights into foods, topicals, hair care, scalp health, topical skin cares, and various others to best fit your need for information and what works best for you.  Integrity and truth are the staples for reliable, sound information.

Please reach out to me with any questions you may have, and wishing you an awesome 2015.



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