Perspective and Perception

ostrich egg symmetry*

Perspective and Perception….

…of Natural, Rx, OTC, healing and associated wellness.

I could probably write a blog a day; however my insight(s) and knowledge are never limited to just a few lines so I would be writing throughout the day, every day.  My time is largely spent transferring Intellectual Property, advising on launch or expansion, strategy and tactics so it is simply not achievable without neglecting someone. The purpose of this blog is to relay to you a fraction of this knowledge to help you make wise decisions, based on what is best for you, and all aspects associated  with you.

This post is largely based on two or three inter-related topics; one driven by the image you will see under “street talk” which is the general, recent perspective and perceived value of Pharma or Rx, the driving force of both perspective and perception on reality, opinion, and ultimately behavior whether that be buying or acceptance, and the social media impact on all of these “topics.”

Perspective is what drives people’s opinion, and one can argue that perception is their reality.  If I made the bold statement that natural is not 100%, and organic is an agricultural accolade, with Rx masking an ailment, and finally – parabens are in almost everything.  Even honeysuckle is a natural paraben or preservative; your perspective may change, or you may consider altering perception of what is “good” v “bad” and perceive importance based on those statements.  Regardless of what drives your thought process the most important element in the journey to wellness should be very simply – choosing products or services that facilitate positive change.

Whether it be any of those associated and related “elements” they are all dependent (in most instances) on choice, and information relayed to you which influences choice.  The current impact of social media, broad spectrum and finite (niche marketing) is altering both perspective and perception to influence change or buying behavior.

Social media impacts. The messages conveyed to audience members often differ, and influence.  This is obvious based on the shift from organic to natural, and the shift from choosing pharma to choosing products that address the cause, rather than create an effect.  It goes back to the last post – instant gratification (to some extent) to long-term beneficial change based on addressing cause. I.e. Botox™ v natural v natural with science, v systemic and topical choice related to change….and can be applied more to Viagra™ v natural even, less blatant, high cholesterol drugs v diet change and exercise …..the list can go on….beneficial “make-up”  to those with FDC colorants and toxins.

Social media, and the messages relayed on Facebook, Linkedin, twitter, Google – all drive perception of product and value, and the perspective of the target audience.

So for companies my recommendation is to ensure all messages are driven by objective, merits of the brand, and deliver on promise.  For consumers, ensure that regardless of the label; the perceived value and perspective that you have of the brand/company is in line with your personal wellness objectives.

Ultimately, we all have choice…and wellness is based on individual attitude, behavior and desire.

To your good health,


Christine Pemberton

** To stress my point on perspective – the graphic for this post is individual to each as to what they perceive….and perspective.  It is an ostrich egg, and depiction of symmetry.  For wellness, one must strive to achieve symmetry and balance.

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