Choosing Natural Rx, OTC or all for Treatment?

This post is largely based on fact, experience, knowledge and data obtained from medical and science oriented research/survey’s. In my “past life” I was a very successful consultant to the pharmaceutical industry. Today I consult with companies and people that have actionable services and products that facilitate positive change in the “wellness of management of aging” sector. The knowledge base is from helping launch Rx, OTC, herbal/natural and topical cares with an education of psychology, physiology and environmental engineering that examines the impact of toxins in our biosphere. With the advent of people seeking alternatives I now assist companies and people that are focused largely on prevention, wellness, science and natural based topical and systemic influencing areas.
Out of recent debate we “determined” that people often see from a single perspective which creates their perception. Perception and perspective are intertwined and affect decision making, all facets of thought and can influence outcome. Perceived value affects outcome; this is the so called placebo effect.
I, as well as others in this realm of natural, organic, alternative and pharma markets have often wondered how people treat conditions, disease and ailment. We have an educated, aging consumer seeking beneficial options. Is the first line of action for treatment of any ailment, topical skin issue or disease – chronic or acute condition; Rx, OTC or alternative whether it be herbal, homeopathic, or natural remedy? Is it a decision based on the type of treatment or largely desired outcome? Is the decision tree somewhat like Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs on self actualization, with outcome being a combination of many steps – Outcome the desired goal, and steps along the way to ensure positive results. If so, one would then go through various steps involving both natural, Rx, OTC, spiritual, physical, emotion, lifestyle etc to reach the outcome of success. This is really a simplified version of “whole” wellness striving to achieve outcome, and does not take into consideration many different chosen aspects or possible potential contraindications of natural, herbal, homeopathic with Rx that may or may not be part of the equation.

Research finds that most consumers seek some form of alternative therapy and choose natural remedies as part of the equation. They actively pursue natural topical or more natural topical cures and healthier natural and simple choices to ingest.
I absolutely welcome debate and comments, and will reinforce this post under “Street Talk” with references to search.
According to consumer reports when 45,601 consumers were surveyed online,…and I quote “we found that three out of four were using some form of alternative therapy for their general health. More than 38 million adults make in excess of 300 million visits to acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and other complementary and alternative practitioners each year in the United States.”
The choice is largely driven by the perception that although prescription drugs are a quick solution they predominantly mask an ailment or condition, whereas natural remedies treat source of ailment and ultimately rewards with positive outcome. When asked, the general perspective is Rx causes adverse drug reactions, natural cures long-term condition by addressing source. But, is that true? Drugs undoubtedly save lives, but many of our drugs such as aspirin, tamoxifen, vincristin, morphine, etc. are derived from nature. So does all stem from nature and involve nature?
Is the first line of defense Natural, take the perspective to treat cause, and target source of the ailment? In my opinion, it is best to seek cause and treat naturally, and affect positive change through dealing with the source of the issue or cause. I ask you to put some debate into whether choice should be natural or Rx – Is taking Viagra the first line of choice – it may be instant gratification (to some extent), but is it a better choice to deal with cardiovascular health and inflammation as well as associated causes such as stress to deal with the condition which may be temporary? Is a systemic drug to treat a physical outcome the best choice? Or should you address cause? For topical, sagging skin, which is an undesired physical change to aging is Botox a drug injection the best way to address the issue? Is it better to “treat” the physical change naturally with enzymes alone or in combination with scientific alternatives such as hyaluronic acid and argirelene with less negative effects to facilitate change? Do you choose Prescription or over the counter as a first line of action, or alternative remedy or natural treatment with the scientific evidence to support?
Please send comments to And we are very interested in understanding your opinions and choice.
To your good health
Christine Pemberton

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