The Premise of Natural Comments – Welcome

This “blog” site is intended to challenge conventional thought, educate, provide insight, and raise awareness of various trends, topics, and talks as related and streaming within the wellness area. Similar, to the concept of what is natural?, the answer to what is wellness? will vary for me, you, your neighbour, family members, friends or even strangers.

Natural, by definition, is “minimally processed” or closest to nature. Wellness, can include or not include one or all of the 7 facets of wellness that have been readily defined: those being spiritual, mental, physical, social, environmental and systemic which may or may not directly involve formal “natural” ingredients but all have natural facets or implications. The definition of what is wellness will vary from one individual to another and may simply be; physical/exercise/fitness and systemic/food based whilst others expand to pursuits such as meditation, yoga, or chakra balancing and stones or crystals. So, natural and wellness are intertwined.

The market  for personal care alone within the natural and organic market exceeds $5 billion in the US (a wellness industry), with the CAGR for natural increasing over organic which is simply an agricultural accolade. The Global Beauty Market is USD 382.3 billion in 2010- 2011 with skin care the dominant force. So natural wellness, or wellness has a significant impact on industry and audience.

Welcome to the Natural Comments blog site, the voice of Maia International Inc., and alliance partners. We will be posting at least weekly information on industry trends, topics, and talk surrounding both the benefits of natural, news on natural, efficacy and importance of natural elements. Also, noted and published will be “street talk” providing insight of what’s happening or streaming in the industry that may affect your business, audience or you, and comments/insight of alliance partners or from our team.

We will often feature products of excellence or note worthy to help your company understand “new to market” and demand generation as well as alternatives, and for you products or offerings that are well balanced and either enhance natural benefits or facilitate positive change naturally.

Natural Comments is a “formal” forum of ethical, evidenced based information and expert opinion as driven through science and medical or clinical data combined with knowledge to provide dissemination of honest and trustworthy insight. We welcome comments and contribution within “street talk” and at times will feature noteworthy products, and guidance with clarity.


Christine Pemberton

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